Galton Blackiston

Galton and
Norfolk Schools

There’s no doubt that Jamie Oliver has done a great job in making healthy food at our schools a national priority.

I share his passion for this. We have somehow allowed at least two generations of children and parents to grow up with little or no knowledge of how to cook. And not only is it vital for our children to eat well but cooking can be great fun too!

l am delighted then to be working with Norfolk County Services in going out to schools in the county to teach the children how to cook good, nutritious food.

The response from the children has been incredibly pleasing and the sessions are always great fun. They’re eager to learn how to cook the dishes I show them and even keener to then try them.

I keep it simple and focus on meals I know they will like, but all the time making sure the ingredients are fresh and nutritious.

The sort of stuff we’ve cooked includes fish fingers (prepared from scratch), Galton’s green potatoes (mashed with parsley), bread rolls and ‘yummy’ strawberry jelly!

I do as many as these teach ins as time will allow and I have to say I get every much as bit from them as the children.